The Draft Strategy for Addiction Science and Research in the Czech Republic

Zveřejnil: Mgr. Lenka Šťastná Ph.D. | Poslední úprava: 12.01.2015

The beginning of the gradual emancipation of the discipline of addictology dates back to the 1990s in the Czech Republic (at that time the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic). In clinical terms, it eventually led to the design of a standalone system of specialised prevention and treatment services and the articulation of independent quality standards (including the development of a unique system intended to monitor compliance with such standards and the overall quality policy) and recommended procedures. Conceived as an interdisciplinary platform, a specialised journal, Adiktologie, came into existence in 2001. In parallel with the above process, a unique academic programme in addictology (featuring bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels of study) began to evolve at Charles University in Prague. Inevitably, the entire process resulted in discussion and the formulation of the first strategy for addiction science and research (the Strategy), which matches and complements the developments in clinical work and education/training. In addition to promoting both basic and applied research into addictions and related phenomena, the Strategy has an impact on the field as a whole, as it also addresses the conceptual and economic issues, as well as providing a clear definition of the terms of reference for addictology. The Strategy aspires to: i) make the discipline of addictology more attractive; ii) encourage young researchers from the Czech Republic and abroad to pursue addictology; iii) clearly articulate the preconditions for the development of the field, and iv) ensure the firm grounding of this field of study within the broader framework of health and social studies.

The whole text is available in the attachement of this article.

Citation: Miovský, M., Gabrhelík, R., Libra, J., Popov, P., Pavlovská A. (2014). The Draft Strategy for Addiction Science and Research in the Czech Republic [Návrh koncepce vědy a výzkumu v oboru adiktologie v České republice]. Adiktologie, 14(3), 294–308.

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