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Project Summary

Publisher: | Last update: 21.08.2007

Synopsis of the project entitled Information, Counselling and Research Services in the Field of Further Education and Development of Various Forms of Other Education to be implemented by the Centre for Addictology

The goal of the project is to establish a centre which will provide services to professionals in addiction-related fields. A second aim is to expand and coordinate further education in the field of addictology. The Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague and the Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling will be partners in the implementation of the proposed centre.

During the project's implementation, the Centre for Addictology will provide the professional preparation and background for lecturers in further education in addictology. The preparation of the lecturers focuses in particular on the development and improvement in the quality of knowledge and skills in pedagogy, communication and facilitation, with maximum use of available information and communication technologies. Internships in foreign facilities are also an important part of the project.

For those in non-addictological professions, the team will develop a curriculum for an Initial Course in Addictology. The goal of the course is to deliver basic knowledge and skills for work with drug users focussed on the needs of the target group. In collaboration with representatives of the Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling, the team will also develop a special course for educators and pedagogical workers. A textbook will be prepared on the basis of the syllabi of the individual courses.

The aspect of the project directed to further education in addictology will involve the development of an educational, informational and counselling centre for further education in addictology. A professional team of consultants will provide information and counselling services. The services of the centre are intended for representatives of educational and counselling institutions, as well as members of the wider public who deal with drug-related issues. The services offered also include implementation of specific research activities which focus on improving the quality and development of further education with an emphasis on topical questions from practice.

Periodic professional seminars will be organised for the professional public. These will be hosted by Czech and foreign experts in drugs issues. The goal of such educational activities is to present the most up-to-date findings from the field of research in addictology and news from practice.

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