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Publisher: Ing. Mgr. Bc. Vendula Běláčková Ph.D. | Last update: 24.03.2010

Addictology award laureates are proposed by the general public in the field of addictology and decided at the discretion of the award committee. The award categories range from lifelong contribution to the field to best achievement in the last year, and include an anti-award in addictology.

The addictology award has been awarded annually since 2006. It is given to an individual who has been active in the field of addictology in the Czech Republic and whose work has been of exceptional importance for the field. In the past, Doc. MUDr. Jaroslav Skála, CSc., PhDr. Luděk Kubička, CSc., and MUDr. Karel Hampl, CSc. were laureates of the award.

The "Kiron" award for the best achievement in addictology is given to an individual or organisation that is or has been active in the contemporary Czech Republic and that in the year 2009 brought in an innovation which could possibly be used by other services in the field or which contributed to the good name of the field.

The Badtrip anti-award for the worst achievement with respect to addictology is dedicated to an individual or organisation that has been active in the Czech Republic in the past year and performed activities that are in conflict with the evidence-based approach or threaten the good name of the field.

Nominations can be awarded by any individual (non-anonymously). The award committee consists of representatives of addictology from academia, drug policy coordination, and the addictology care services. The award is organised by the Centre for Addictology. The award ceremony takes place at the end of the year and will be combined with a plenary discussion session.

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