Addictological Clinic – a new service for university students and employees

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The Addictological Clinic is a clinical department of the Centre for Addictology. It primarily serves university students and employees whose health and social situation is currently or developmentally endangered by drug use issues and non-substance addictions. The outpatient addictological clinic is on the premises of the Centre for Addictology at the Psychiatric Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

The goal of the outpatient clinic is to eliminate the impact of risk behaviour in terms of drug use and non-substance addictions, e.g. gambling and a lack of control over the use of information technologies among university students and employees and their family members. Besides eliminating the early termination of studies, with all its individual and social consequences, this especially involves offering professional and early assistance. It provides an opportunity to address the causes of these issues and reduce their impact, including the protection of other students and teachers.

The Addictological Clinic is aimed at: (a) students; (b) university employees, or (c) people close to them, whose health or social situation is currently or developmentally endangered by drug-related issues and associated problems.
The Addictological Clinic provides the following services:

(a) Information service, including internet counselling
The information services of the Addictological Clinic involve providing information about drug-related issues and non-substance addictions (in the form of personal counselling, as well as via our web pages). The offer also includes internet counselling, in which experts from the field of addictology answer questions and the answers are then posted at (the service will be available from June 1, 2008).

(b) Individual counselling and psychotherapy
Individual counselling and psychotherapy are carried out in the form of a controlled interview between the client and the therapist. Its purpose is to disclose the troubles which the client faces in his/her life, as well as their correlates, which are not always obvious at first sight. The Addictological Clinic will provide these services in the form of short-term psychological counselling (several sessions) or medium-term and long-term psychotherapy (regular sessions, which take place for a year or more).

(c) Counselling for family members, friends, or near ones
Within the framework of counselling for parents, friends, or relatives, we offer these people an opportunity to talk about the problems of their family members or the people close to them. We also try to help them find solutions or at least support in such problem situations.

(d) Counselling and therapy for couples and families
Counselling and therapy for couples and families is a field of psychotherapy or psychological counselling. It deals with family or partnership problems and tries to solve or modify them in order to achieve the non-problematic functioning of the couple or family. The Addictological Clinic offers these services in the form of both short-term counselling (several sessions) and medium-term therapy for couples and families (periodical sessions over a period of several months or more).

(e) Crisis intervention
Crisis intervention is psychological assistance which is based on several sessions and interviews with a client who is in a crisis situation. The Addictological Clinic provides these services with the goal of stabilising the current condition of the client and returning him/her to his/her previous level of functioning.

(f) Diagnostics
Using psychodiagnostic services, we offer the possibility of mapping the degree and patterns of substance use and non-substance addictions. The professional assessment and interpretation of the results will facilitate easier orientation in the issues. The results can be used as a point of departure for psychotherapy or psychological counselling.

(g) Referral to other services
The Addictological Clinic also offers the possibility of referring and involving the client in other services (social, legal, or psychiatric), which are not offered by the clinic.

If necessary, all the above-mentioned services can be used anonymously. All services are provided free of charge.

The Clinic launched its activities on April 1, 2008.

Addictological Clinic
Mgr. Petra Vondráčková
Centre for Addictology, Psychiatric Clinic of the General Teaching Hospital and 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague
Ke Karlovu 11, 120 00 Praha 2
tel/fax: +420 224 965 097, +420 774 649 099

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