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Publisher: MUDr. Tomáš Zábranský Ph.D. | Last update: 02.06.2010

Non-profit organisations working in drug services are raising an alert with respect to politicians and public administration practices that can result in a public health threat

The job of streetworkers on the open drug scene in Prague is being threatened by law enforcement officials of the National Police and Municipal Police. The Ministry of Health has decided not to finance programmes that had recieved its support in previous years with respect to injecting material for problem drug users.

The biggest low-threshold faciliy in the Czech Republic is restricted from performing the service on its own private premises.

You can find more information at the webpage, showing the risks associated with a certain trend in public policy decision making. If you agree, support the cause with your signature.

WWW.STOPHIV.CZ: public alert with the aim of showing the risks of an epidemic of infectious diseases and fighting against activities that can foster its spread.

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