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National conference on lifelong learning in Addictology

Publisher: | Last update: 14.09.2006

This conference is intended for all professionals involved with the idea of lifelong learning of experts in the field of Addictology.

The conference is organised by the I.E.S. Centre – Institute for education in the drugs field - in cooperation with the Centre for Addictology.

Date: 23. 10. 2006, 10:00

Place: Hotel Centro, Husova 8, Hustopece (dep. Breclav)

Aim: To open discussion of the vision of Lifelong Learning in Addictology, to set up a working group

Outcomes: identification and classification of topics for future discussion, programme of working group

Discussion topics:

- Categorisation of Addictology in catalogue of professions
- Definition of Addictology as an independent field
- System and vision of education in Addictology
- Credit system – vision
- Professional standards
- Financing of education
- Possibilities of requalification in the Addictology field

Accommodation and refreshment will be provided for participants. No entrance fee. Interpreting is provided for.

Please confirm your attendance by 27. 9. 2006 to Further information available on: and

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