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Addictology – new bachelor's study field at the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague

Publisher: | Last update: 23.02.2006

In the academic year 2005/06 the new bachelor's study field of Addictology was presented at the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Addictology is a newly established science that focuses on various forms of human activity that might potentially lead to the acquisition of dependent behaviour, as well as on the development of appropriate evidence-based responses to it.

This new study field obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Education in the autumn of the year 2004. Addictology is accredited as a 3-year study field in its present form. The combined (or distance learning) form is not accredited yet, but we plan to have it accredited for the academic year 2007-2008. In the year 2005-06 38 students were accepted.

Good news for applicants living outside Prague is that for the academic year 2006-07 we have prepared part of the curriculum in an e-learning format.

A graduate in addictology studies obtains an all-round education and the ability to communicate with professionals in the medical, psychological, or social fields. The basic attributes of a graduate include skills in the fields of education and preventive work, early diagnostics, crisis intervention, and case management. Basic training as a health practitioner is also an integral part of the curriculum.

The birth of the field of addictology in the Czech Republic should contribute to the establishment and identification of addictology and to the establishment of a scientific and knowledge-based approach to drug problems and other addictions.

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