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Sport does not prevent drug use

Publisher: | Last update: 04.07.2006

29. 3. 2006 – Metro newspapers, p. 15

“Those who do sports don’t take drugs”; this slogan is definitely not true, said Associate Professor Michal Miovsky, the head of the Centre for Addictology at the Psychiatric Clinic of the First Medical Faculty of Charles University. Money that should support the primary prevention of drug use should not be invested in all kinds of free-time activities, but rather focus on specific programmes dealing with drugs prevention. “We have to prevent all kinds of risky behaviour (including drug use, aggression, bullying, eating disorders, or racism) using prevention programmes which are based on serious research and experiences,” said Michal Miovsky at a conference dealing with the primary prevention of risky behaviour. Expertise shows that large-scale programmes (for example a joint presentation for all the classes in a school) do not work very well. Programmes that are sharply focused on small groups of young people are more effective.

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