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Publisher: doc. Mgr. Roman Gabrhelík Ph.D. | Last update: 06.02.2006

The Adiktologie journal has been published since 2001. It is based on an interdisciplinary approach to addictive substances and their use (and/or users). It follows the line of traditional journals in this field, such as Addiction and other significant professional periodicals associated in the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE). The journal publishes articles concerning both clinical and pre-clinical research, integrating various approaches developed in the field of addiction (including public health and mental health). Its key ambition is to facilitate the development of training and education in addiction and provide a linkage between research and practice involving the cultivation of the application of an interdisciplinary approach. In the journal, you will also find reviews, case histories, innovations, comments, reports from study trips and congresses, reviews of books, and various announcements. [...For more information, please, click on the title]

ADIKTOLOGIE is a modern professional journal addressing issues relating to the prevention and treatment of addictions and research into them. It is an interdisciplinary journal reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the entire field of addiction, involving medicine and mental health, psychology, teaching, social policy and social work, sociology, political science, law, criminology and other areas, without which it would be impossible to conceive of prevention, treatment, or research.

The journal strives to mediate communication among professionals working in this field, provide a valuable platform for such communication, and present current knowledge, both in terms of theory and practice. In addition to the printed form (the journal itself), the interactive section of this website provides a broader space for communication.

ADIKTOLOGIE reflects the modern trend of the continuous development of addictology as a separate discipline, a new branch of science with clearly designated boundaries. The quest for the development of a new discipline capable of going beyond the inadequate single-field concept, integrating knowledge generated by different theoretical perspectives, is becoming an increasingly significant factor shaping the field of the prevention and treatment of addictions and research into them, i.e. addictions to all types of both legal and illegal drugs and also addictive behavioural disorders, such as an addiction to gambling machines.

Member of the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE).

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Adictology is a peer-reviewed journal, each manuscript is subject to two independent reviews.

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