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Following the break-up of the former Czech and Slovak Federative Republic, the only professional periodical dealing with addictions continued in Slovakia. Thus, at the time of its founding, the Czech Republic had no separate professional journal focused on the area under consideration. Therefore, in September 2000 a preparatory committee was established, whose members, Dr. Csémy, Dr. Miovský, Dr. Popov, and Ass. Prof. Řehan, agreed that it was necessary to initiate the establishment of such a periodical.

Furthermore, the preparatory committee reached unanimous agreement on the main requirements for the new journal, including:

- independence from any organisations and institutions
- independence from any political parties and interest groups
- high professional quality and credibility
- interdisciplinary approach
- focus on both theory and practice
- interactive orientation of the practical part

Having considered several possible alternatives, it was finally decided to establish a new civic association, which would be responsible for the technical part of the creation, production, and distribution of the periodical and would also provide technical and administrative support for the work of the members of the editorial board. This decision resulted from a number of significant factors. Being published by a civic association, the journal could meet all the initial requirements defined by the preparatory committee. This arrangement also secured transparency of economic and financial management. In view of the obligation to issue annual reports and maintain an easy-to-check administration in combination with the principles of the operation of a non-profit-making organisation, a civic association seemed a most suitable solution and to offer an adequate platform for the journal´s existence.

In November 2000 the members of the preparatory committee drew up the draught rules of the SCAN civic association and, in December, these rules were sent to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic for registration. The Rules of Association were formally registered in January 2001. In the meantime, the title of the journal was proposed. As no fixed term has been adopted in the Czech language to refer to the field of addictions, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones, including addiction to gambling machines, the term ADIKTOLOGIE (ADDICTOLOGY), using a Czech modification of the Latin “adictus”, was designated as the title of the periodical.

In December 2000 the members of the preparatory committee appointed the editorial board. The board members were nominated according to their specialisations in terms of publishing, teaching, research, and practice in order to divide the editorial board into several working groups focusing on different areas of interest. This was to take into account the fact that the field of addiction treatment and prevention is an interdisciplinary one, involving, apart from medicine and psychology, sociology, social work, teaching, and special teaching. According to the preparatory committee members, the nominees for the editorial board represent the leading Czech experts in particular areas. In addition, they are significantly involved in the domain of professional and popular science publishing and are thus closely linked to editorial activities. Apart from the nominations for the editorial board, the members of the preparatory committee adopted a proposal for the establishment of the so-called technical group for counselling and consulting, composed of other leading professionals from the Czech Republic, whose input may contribute a great deal to the further development and professional quality of the journal.

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