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doc. Mgr. Roman Gabrhelík Ph.D.

Position in CA:

Head of Research and Development, Department of Addictology


Dr. Roman Gabrhelik is head of Research and Development at the Department of Addictology, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Czech Republic.

His work is focused around Prevention Science research and education and Implementation Science in prevention of risk behaviors (mainly addictive behaviors). He is directly involved in the development of the National System of School-based Prevention of Risk Behavior in the Czech Republic for more than a decade. Recently, his interest is in research of universal school-based prevention interventions targeting different types of risk behaviors in children and young people and on studying effectiveness of composite universal prevention interventions.

Besides prevention Roman is involved in research and application of eHealth and mHealth in treatment of tobacco dependence. He is also active in pharmacotherapy of methamphetamine dependence research and related issues (injection drug use and injection drug users; psychosocial treatment interventions (including self-help issues). And last but not least, Roman interested in utilizing data from national health registers.

Roman is the executive academic lead of the Doctorate in Addictology Programme and he also serves as Ph.D. supervisor. On the pregradual level, Roman teaches: Bodywork in psychotherapy, Prevention of risk behaviors, Prevention science, Interventions in the night-life settings, and Publishing Addiction Science.

He serves as an Executive Editor of the Adiktologie [Addictology]: Journal for Prevention, Treatment of, and Research into Addictions; Peer-reviewed; Indexed, no IF; www.adiktologie.cz


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