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New Psychoactive Substances among Problem Drug Users – Towards Effective and Comprehensive Health Responses in Europe

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Dr. Jean-Paul Grund, Ph.D., Klinika adiktologie 1. LF UK a VFN v Praze



European Commission, Directorate-General Justice


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New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) are becoming a major challenge to public health and drug policies in Europe and have become a high priority in Europe. Recent reports from the EMCDDA, Early Warning Systems and national focal points note sharp rises in availability and consumption of an ever-increasing number of and variation in notably NPS, as well as synthetic opiates, stimulants and non-medical use of prescription drugs. This illustrates the current changing and interweaving drug markets of irregular/recreational and problematic drug use, including risky drug taking patterns, injecting, polydrug use and related (mental) health issues. The reports emphasize health concerns and stress the need to identify effective health policies in the fields of prevention, demand reduction and harm reduction policies as well as adequate health services.

The proposed project will address the priority of ´Developing innovative methodologies to identify and monitor new trends and patterns in the consumption and adverse consequences of – in particular - new psychoactive substances, and the development of targeted approaches in prevention, harm reduction and treatment.´ This project contributes to the development of innovative and effective health promotion interventions regarding emerging NPS use in Europe by bringing together quality research capacity (Charles University in Prague) and a selected group of experienced service providers in the field of health promotion and harm reduction (APDES, FRG, Praksis, Sananim, Carusel and Monar).

Publikace[MM1] a výstupy

Adiktologie 2/2016 Special Issue, https://www.addictology.cz/journal-archive/2016-2/2-2016/

Jean-Paul Grund, Barbara Janikova, Hana Fidesova, Lenka Vavrincikova (2016). Mapping the extent and nature of NPS Use among People Who Use Drugs Heavily (PUDH) in the EU28.

Jean-Paul Grund, Lenka Vavrincikova, Hana Fidesova & Barbara Janikova (2016). Lessons Learned & Recommendations from the NPSinEurope.eu Project.

Lenka Vavrincikova, Hana Fidesova, Barbara Janikova & Jean-Paul Grund (2016). 5-country RAR report.

Katrin Schiffer, Eberhard Schatz (2016). RAR IMPLEMENTATION REPORT. Pilot Intervention Reports of 5 European countries in the Framework of the ‘NPS in Europe’ Project.

Katy MacLeod, John Peter Kools (2016). Training Curriculum. New Psychoactive Substances in Europe. State of Affairs, Trends and Developments.



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